Initial Pendant Video

Wondering how our initial pendants are made? Here’s a quick video of the process.

At A&M Diggle we hand-make all of our initial pendants from scratch. And in the video above, you can see the process of how our standard initial C with a 0.10ct diamond is made.

All of our initials are available for complete customisation. Meaning we can make it your own by designing it yourself. Each initial is available in silver, platinum and gold (9ct / 18ct in white, yellow and rose). As well as your choice of diamond size and quality.

Here you can see each detail before we reach the finished product. The metal is first melted and then shaped into the design of the initial. The dark outer layer of the gold is filed away. Then buffed to give it a smooth finish and to correct the ridges created by the filing. It’s then given a shine by the polish, before setting the diamond in the corner.

If you are interested in other bespoke jewellery, you can find out more by clicking here.

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