Once upon a time...

The Megan Hurley Foundation

Brooch with laser etching

The Charity

We had a very special customer recently who requested us to make a badge, representing their charity, for his mothers birthday. Unfortunately, the family had suffered the loss of their beautiful daughter, Megan, during the horrific Manchester Arena attack in May 2017. They decided to set up a charity dedicated to her memory and her values.

Custom made brooch joint and catch

The Badge

Bradley, Megan’s brother, designed a pin in dedication to his sister, to symbolise his sister, and to represent The Megan Hurley Foundation. We created the badge from scratch in 9ct yellow gold. We took extra care into this, as we full understand the meaning, and we support the cause of the foundation. The gold was melted, rolled into a plate, engraved and cut out, before an expert polish.

Brooch presented in case

The Legacy

The family were really pleased with the way it turned out, and we are honored to have help their charity, raising awareness for the cause.
We wish the family good fortune, and all the best in the future with their foundation.

Megan Hurley

Find out more

To find out more about the foundation and the excellent work the family are doing, please visit their website here: www.meganhurleyfoundation.org.uk , or their Instagram page here: @themeganhurleyfoundation .

The End