Once upon a time...

Loose Diamond – Claw Replacement

The Diamond

Over time the setting that holds the diamond in your engagement ring may begin to wear making the diamond unstable. This then creates the possibility of losing it. This is exactly what happened to a recent customer of ours, who lost their diamond but fortunately managed to find it. When we first looked at the ring, we noticed all of the claws were worn. So we advised to customer to have all of the claws replaced, as well as resetting the diamond.

Fitting the Claws

We start to remove the existing worn claws by filing them, but leaving enough metal on the roots of the setting to rebuild upon. Once we have the new claw in place, it is then carefully soldered and pushed over. The ring is then buffed and polished before it’s ready for collection. We take the time to ensure each claw is perfected placed, and the diamond is completely fixed and secure.

Just Like New

Once it was completed the customer came in to collect. They were more than happy with the way it turned out, especially with how clean and shiny it was. And now the diamond is back in the ring, and with a secure setting, it can be worn with confidence again. It is important to get the setting checked over from time to time, to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen again.  So as part of our aftercare service, our customers can have their claws checked every time they visit free of charge.

The End