Once upon a time...

Damaged Diamond Ring

Broken Ring

We recently had a customer with a damaged ring and was in desperate need of repair. The shank was bent and almost split into two, as well as having two missing diamonds in the shoulders where the ring had hinged. Our goal was to straighten the shank, repair the crack on the shoulders, and replace two diamonds with new claws.

Repairing the Damage

When we took it in, we were able to straighten it up by heating the gold and shaping it back to normal. The jeweller also replaced the missing diamonds as well as repair the break in the shank. He also replaced the broken claws which held the diamonds in place so that all the stones were secure and in place.

This wasn’t an easy task. We had to heat the gold up so that the ring would bend rather than break when we tried to reshape it, and then soldering the split so that it wouldn’t break again.

Good as New

When the customer picked it up she was delighted with the result, as she thought she would’ve had to replace the ring all together.

If you have a ring that needs repairing, then you can find more information about our repair services here!

The End