Since 1952

A&M Diggle have had our roots in Liverpool for over 65 years. Our history is not in retail, it’s jewellery design and craftsmanship that has run in our veins for 3 generations. In 1952 Grandad John James Diggle opened his workshop on Richmond Street and raised his sons as apprentices who did the same for their sons. Today we are using both traditional and very modern techniques to produce some of the finest jewellery in Liverpool. We invite you to scroll down to find out more about our story.

1950s Liverpool Richmond Street

Skilled Hands

Traditional jewellery craft

Liverpool in the 50's, like many British cities was still recovering from the war. It was in this rebirth of our fair city that John James Diggle founded his workshop just up the road from our location on Richmond Street today. He didn't sell to the public, his customers were retailers but his were the skilled hands behind beautiful items sold by boutique jewellery retailers in Liverpool and beyond.

Liverpool streets in 1950

Ringing in the 60's

1960s style and jewellery

The times they were a-changin. The 60's were an exciting time and Liverpool became a cultural icon across the world. John's son Norman was a boy at this time and soaked up the spirit and the style. He was there for all the changes in culture that came from the music & fashion on the streets of Liverpool and it influenced the jewellery craft of our family business.

The Beatles from Liverpool

Global Change

1980s fashion

Like so many industries, jewellery changed heavily through the 80’s and 90’s. It became cheaper for major jewellery brands to order items to be made and repaired abroad than to use more local craftsmen. Norman took over the business in the 80's and realised we needed to stick to our guns on quality and craftsmanship but changes were needed.

global jewellery business

They say if you want something to stay the same then some things have to change. We knew that craftsmanship and quality of work would outlast any trend toward cheap manufacturing. The trouble is that it's hard to compete with the high street. Norman's solution was to join the high street and start selling our work and services direct to the public.

Custom made jewellery with 3D printed template

Norman opened his workshop and jewellery showroom opened on Church Street in 1992. Norman’s son’s Andrew and Mark grew up with two generations of jewellery craft running thorough their veins and were perfecting their craft in the 80’s as the industry around it was changing and we began serving the people of Liverpool directly.

A&M Diggle shop front

Opening Up

CAD designed custom ring

21st Century Jewellery

Where other jewellers stopped doing the work themselves and ‘got onboard’ with the switch to outsourcing, A&M Diggle have invested in state of the art metallurgical equipment and focussed all the more on the skill of modern jewellery making and repair.

Coming home

Our workshop and showroom has come home to Richmond Street, a stone’s throw from where Grandad John first set up. We've always been craftsmen first and shopkeepers second. That’s why many of the leading jewellery retailers in Liverpool still come to us for their highest value and most intricate repairs and yet we have fashioned a golden relationship with the people of Liverpool.

A&M Diggle shop front

All our work is Handmade in Liverpool

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