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Although jewellery craft has been in our family since 1952 we wouldn’t still be here prospering to this day if we didn’t move with the times.

So we’ve fed our old website into the digital shredding machine and replaced it with something new. Our jewellery has always been crafted by hand, with care and skill, our products don’t come off the rack. So when we fashioned our website we wanted to make sure it was totally unique, made just for us as an ideal place to showcase our work to the British online public.

We know that thousands of people across Liverpool know us as their trusted jeweller in the real world, we’d like to share more with our loyal customers in the online space too.

What did we need from the new website?

jewellery website requirementsWe came up with a big wishlist! We wanted our site to be stylish & informative, we wanted browsing it to be a memorable experience and for it to do justice to the quality of our work.

Most importantly of all, we wanted the new site to have new capabilities for us to post videos, case studies and our latest news. This would enable us to have a more ongoing relationship with our customers and give you a better insight into our world.

Check out some of the features

We hope you have a good browse around the site and check out the home page video but we’d like to point out a few of the other great features around the new site.

  • Since 1952 – A page all about our history with a fun format.
  • Bespoke Jewellery – This page and all the sub-pages take you through our custom design service.
  • Find us – We wanted to give customers the best possible information
  • Shop – Browse the shop online in our 360 degree tour

What next?

We’ll be posting case studies that take you through the process of producing bespoke items of jewellery, videos large and small from our workshop and news articles about anything from style to the practical side of jewellery.

So now our website will begin to grow as we meet new customers and work on new and interesting projects. We’ll be producing a range of new and interesting stories and videos that we hope will dazzle, amaze and inspire our growing online audience.

So we invite you to follow us on the platform of your choice and keep an eye out for our posts.

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