Initial and Name Pendants

Looking for a Christmas gift with a personal touch? Why not consider our wide range of initial and name pendants!

We have a beautiful collection of initial and name necklaces available in store. All, of which, are completely customable. This allows you to choose the metal, stones and style, so you can really design it to your preference. Making it a perfect Christmas gift for a loved one. Designs can discussed with members from our sales team, as well as our expert jewellers. You can also enquire through our contact page, with images and ideas.

Using Your Materials

You may prefer to use your own metal, such as gold or silver or platinum. We do this by melting your metal before transforming it into your initial or name pendant necklace. The same can also be done for adding your own stones. We can add all types, sizes an shapes of stones to your pendant, giving it a whole new dimension. By using your own materials, you can cut the price down by a significant amount. Saving you money, as well as reusing jewellery that might have sentimental value.

Melting and recreating sentimental jewellery is something we do a lot of. Old family jewellery is often not worn as it may be too delicate or just a bit old fashioned. If this is the case, why not have it melted and remade into something else?  A name or initial pendant is the perfect place to start when thinking about reusing jewellery. They are current, modern and has personal touch that other jewellery just doesn’t have.

How Do We Do It?

Once the designs are complete, we can start creating. All of our pendants are handmade in our workshop through a process of professional care and craftsmanship, giving you a genuine high quality finish. To start, the metal is shaped, buffed then polished. The stones are then carefully set with a steady hand, before fitting onto a chain of your choice. More information, is available on our video page. Click this link to watch our video on initial pendants.

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