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Ring cleaning

Rings get worn and tarnished faster than other types of jewellery and especially when they’re in regular use. Professional cleaning can remove dirt and any metal oxide build-up, smooth any light scratches and restore a ring to a beautiful shine. With our same day jewellery repair service, we can do this while you wait.

ring cleaning service

Ring re-sizing

We are experts in ring resizing, we can work our magic to increase or decrease the site of almost any ring. All of our work is completed in our Liverpool workshop above the shop so you can assured your ring resizing will be handled with care and attention. We can typically resize a ring within the hour with our same day repair service.

ring resizing

Stone resetting

Losing a stone from a ring can be troubling and especially if the stone is lost. We can repair a ring and properly re-seat a stone, leaving it secure and shining. We can also supply certified precious stones to match a missing stone and restore a ring to ideal condition.

stone resetting

Claw re-tipping

Ring claws can be slowly weakened over time and damaged quite easily. Although delicate and formed as part of the ring, the claws can be repaired, replaced and re-tipped in our Liverpool workshop. If you see the claws on a beloved ring are wearing, it’s doesn’t take long for us to put it right before you lose a stone.

ring claw repair and re-tipping

Rhodium plating

White gold rings can be brought up to a perfect finish and enjoy lasting protection with our rhodium plating service. Every item is cleaned and polished to perfection as part of the service. We can even do this within the hour, simply drop in to see us at our Liverpool workshop.

ring rhodium plating service

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