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Necklace cleaning

When your necklace has become dull or tarnished you can miss the way it used to shine. If you drop it into our shop for a professional clean and polish, we can restore that splendour and sparkle and leave it gleaming again.

necklace cleaning

Catches repaired

Necklace chain catches can become stretched or bent out of shape, sometimes they just become a bit too awkward to use. Ours skilled craftsmen can repair any issue with necklace catches leaving them working properly and looking great.

necklace catch repaired

Catches replaced

Necklace catches can become weakened and snapped beyond repair or sometimes our customer would simply prefer a different sort of catch. We supply a full range of catches for necklaces enabling us to replace them to a high standard to match your desired style.

necklace catch replacement

Snapped chains

Repairing a broken necklace chain can be as simple as reforming a link or as complex as carefully reconstructing a intricate collar or matinee necklace. We are Liverpool’s fully equipped jewellery workshop and can handle any necklace repair.

necklace chain repair

Stone resetting

If you’ve lost a stone from a pendant or part of the chain, whether it’s gone for good or you’ve managed to find it, you need a quality repair to ensure it looks as good as new and doesn’t keep falling out in future. We craft custom jewellery and can restore stones to a necklace with expert accuracy.

Necklace stone replacement

Rhodium plating

Any white gold necklace can become tarnished or faded through time and wear. Our rhodium plating service includes a full clean, the specialist rhodium plating process followed by careful polishing. This leaves your necklace shining and looking like new.

necklace rhodium plating

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