Bracelet repair

bracelet repair service
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Bracelet cleaning

If your bracelet or bangle has lost some of its splendour and sparkle, it’s just a trip to our shop away from being back to it’s former glory. You might be surprised at how completely a full professional clean and polish can bring an old worn bracelet to life again.

Bracelet cleaning service

Catches repaired

Bracelet catches and fastenings are quite commonly broken, stretched or jammed closed. Our skilled craftsmen have decades of experience and if the damage is not too severe, can repair damaged catches and clasps to full working order.

bracelet catches and clasp repair

Catches replaced

If a bracelet is being let down by the fastening there comes a time to get it replaced. We offer a wide range of bracelet catches and fastenings suitable for almost every kind of bracelet. We can even expertly fit your new catch while you wait making it very convenient.

bracelet catch replacement

Snapped chains

Bracelet chains can be all to easy to break but this can be remedied with ease by our skilled craftsmen. Whether it’s a regular every day item or something unique & intricate, we can repair the chain and leave it perfect again or even fit a safety chain to ensure it’s hard to lose.

snapped bracelet chain repair

Stone resetting

Bracelet stones can come loose and sometimes they can be lost leaving your beloved item incomplete. We reset bracelet stones properly often leaving them more secure than before, we supply a wide range of precious stones of all sorts and can nearly always find a perfect match where a replacement is needed.

bracelet stones replaced

Charm soldering

We love charm bracelets. Our customers who share this love are some of our most frequent. We can attach the latest charm, repair damaged or broken charms or even fashion custom charms as a item of bespoke jewellery.

bracelet charm soldering

Rhodium plating

Restore the shine and purity of your white gold bracelet or bangle with our Rhodium plating service. We including cleaning and polishing in the service leaving your bracelet looking and feeling like new.

bracelet rhodium plating

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