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Bracelet repair

It’s quite common for a frequently worn bracelet to need some attention from time to time. Chains can snap, catches can become stiff or broken, stones can be lost and tarnishing can occur. Our bracelet repairs are all carried out on site and can handle it all.
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bracelet repair in liverpool

Ring repair

A ring that has been close to you for long enough to need a repair can mean an awful lot. The expertise and experience contained in our workshop ensures that our ring repairs are completed to the highest quality with fantastic results.
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ring repair service in liverpool

Necklace repair

Necklaces can be fragile or intricate, they come in a thousand styles and sadly there are many ways they can be damaged. Our skilled craftsmen have repaired a thousand necklaces and provide the safest pair of hands for your necklace repair.
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necklace repair service in liverpool

Same day repair

Sometimes you need a miracle in a hurry and other times it’s just convenient. These days there aren’t many proper jewellery workshops that offer a full suite of skilled services on a same day basis. Same day repair is available wherever possible, just contact us and let us all about it.
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