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You know what it’s like these days, things are made overseas for cheap and shipped into U.K stores and marketed as authentic products. However slowly but surely things just don’t seem to be made like they used to be, it can be hard to know what to put your faith in.

At A&M Diggle we never lost touch with real jewellery craft, not even for a second. For three generations now our family have produced bespoke jewellery here in our own workshop in Liverpool. As the years have passed our standards have been un-tarnished by change and still reflect our love for making beautiful things.

When we create a piece of custom jewellery or make a repair for a customer you can be assured that it’ll be our hands that do the work here in our Liverpool workshop.

The workshop

Our workshop is a temple to jewellery. We have dozens of tools that you might have found in a jewelsmith's workshop over a hundred years ago. We also have modern equipment and state of the art tools that allow us to offer a full range of capabilities and some cutting edge accuracy. From forging bespoke gold rings to repairing a delicate diamond necklace, our workshop is more than equipped for the task.

Anything you want

We take pride in the depth of our knowledge and experience. When our customer comes to us with an idea for custom jewellery, no matter what the concept, we are always confident we’ll find a way to shape that idea into a perfect piece that captures our customers vision forever.

Bespoke diamond ring

When you need help with a jewellery repair, what could be better than talking directly to experts? Our experienced shop team can handle enquiries of all sorts but if our customer has complex questions, one of our jewelsmiths will usually be available to talk to you directly. With the option of same day repair, you can rely on A&M Diggle for your repair needs.

Gold and diamond necklaces

Anything you need

Anything at all

We take great pride in our service. Our entire team work together to make sure you find every interaction with us is pleasant and the final product is fantastic. We don’t have to check with head office or check what the system says, with A&M Diggle you get a good old fashioned service the way it’s supposed to be.

Our family have been crafting jewellery in Liverpool since 1952 and have been part of this city through many decades of change. We are proud to attract customers from throughout the North West and beyond. If there are two things that will always be true about A&M Diggle it’s that our jewellery will always be made by our hands and that Liverpool is our home and always will be.

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In our family Since 1952

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