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Earring design

When you come to us with an idea for custom earrings, whether you have a very specific idea or just know what you’re looking for in general, our team will help form this into a detailed design. We’ll offer advice and input wherever needed to ensure the final design will not only look spectacular but also hang nicely, fit comfortably and support itself properly.

During the design process we’ll talk about materials. We can offer you a range of precious metals including gold, white gold, silver and platinum. You can choose from a vast range of precious stones to suit every style, scale and budget.

CAD designed bespoke earrings
3d design of custom earrings

3D Design & Prototyping

We are masters of traditional jewellery craft but have not hesitated to adopt modern technology to serve our trade. Our sketches and plans can be used as the basis for a 3D computer model of your earrings. This can allow you the very best preview of how they might look when complete and allows us to hone the design to perfection.

Computer models can become a reality in plastic or resin through 3D printing. We create real models of our pieces as the basis for metal casting and to act as a guide when shaping pieces whether by laser or by hand. You can be assured that your bespoke earrings will benefit from the best of both traditional and modern techniques.

making custom earrings
custom earring making

Making your earrings

All of our work on your custom earrings will be carried out here in our Liverpool workshop. Our family have been making jewellery since 1952, when we create your earrings we’ll be bringing all of those decades of experience into the execution of our plan. We employ both traditional and modern craft techniques to achieve the very best results.

Our skills like our workshop have developed through the years. We still use techniques that have remained unchanged for centuries but also have modern equipment and tools, some of which weren’t possible just 10 years ago. For example our laser welding machine is capable of unrivalled precision and enables us to achieve things that would have amazed our Grandad John in his 1950’s workshop.

custom made bespoke earrings

After care

We’ll look forward to the day we present you with your earrings almost as much as you will. They’ll be displayed in a quality A&M Diggle case, polished and shining. When you leave our shop that day, our story doesn’t have to be over, in fact it may just be beginning. We can maintain, clean and if necessary repair your earrings through the years.

We are always be pleased to see our customer again and the items we have made long ago. We retain the plans for every item we make. This enables us to make accurate repairs but also to fashion new items to match perfectly. Should the worst happen and they need replacing, we’ll always be able to reproduce them very accurately. We hope our bespoke earring commission is just the start of our relationship.

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